Welcome to my version of knitting :0. Well actually my handmade, hand drawn and hand crafted leather festival and wildcrafting/gardening belts, bags, journals and bracelets. Why bring up knitting? Because I do this to relax and rewind, usually at night and more in the winter and I love creating three dimensional shapes from flat things. Oh and I cant knit. I can however cut, hand punch holes and lace leather.

It all started because I got fed up with searching for a bag. I'm a one bag girl (taurus earth) and will love that bag until I completely wear it out (capricorn moon) or it gets misplaced etc or I shift my ego state and the bag stops fitting. I'm also very thrifty so would find myself putting in serious manifestation magic and walking many miles looking for that amazing thrift store find bag. Well somewhere in my mid thirty's it got to the point where the bag just wasn't magically appearing. Not in the pre-made form. So I made one. It was beautiful, perfect and inspiring and then I started making more things - even down to baby booties made from rabbit fur for gifting. 

Everything is made to fit you - the customer. This means you will have to get a hold of me by filling in the form opposite to start the conversation. I will email you your choice of colours, custom tweeks like certain tool needs and custom art options as well as sizing it to fit you perfectly. All my products are made with great care and attention and are an investment so we need to spend a bit of time to get this exactly right. We can do this via email, skype or voice. If you live locally you are welcome to come to the office at Tea with your Dragon, Stanwood Wa.