Herb Classes and Events

October is a busy month of processing and harvesting! Join me as I focus on these skills this upcoming October

Building relationship with Healing - Getting to know your local Herbs - This month we will be discussing the in-depth qualities of the rose, petals and hips and how the rose can bring abundance into healing in so many ways. We will talk about the different types of roses, how to wildcraft sustainably and how to make and use the roses medicine as well as specific uses that can benefit us throughout the seasons.
Thursday 4th October, Mount Vernon Co-op 6:30pm-7:30pm all welcome, free of charge

Tricks, tips and treats to preserving local herbs - In the flush of bounty and harvest time, we will take a minute to discuss the ins and outs of the various preservation techniques of our local medicines. We will cover the different medicinal values of using alcohol, vinegar and honey as well as tricks and aids in drying, brining, canning and fermenting our herbs and, especially identifying which herbs lend themselves to which technique and why. 
Thursday October 11th, Bellingham Co-op, in the Cordata classroom, all welcome, $10

Radical Mycology Confluence - I will be part of tending the fire for this magical event- I am so excited to be learning more about our fungi healing allies, tickets are selling out fast so if you are interested visit https://www.radicalmycologyconvergence.com/
Friday - Monday October 12-15th, Mulino, Oregon

Herbal Salon, All things Fermented - Join me at the herbal salon as we talk about shrubs, soda’s vinegars, meads, etc and make something fizzy and squibby and hopefully not to fuzzy
Sunday 28th October, Tea with your Dragon 3-5pm $10 suggested donation, rsvp sashasideways@yahoo.com to know what to bring