Herb Classes and Events

As fall reaches its fullness in the celebration of death and return we are gathering in the nourishment of the last fruits, roots and mushrooms that have been so abundant this year.

For that Special GIFT - I am selling 2 tickets for the Good Medicine Confluence - an incredible herbal conference in Durango, CO May 2019, a perfect excuse to do some fantastic road tripping and harvesting, as well as go to a pivotal herbal conference founded by Kiva Rose and Jesse Wolf Harden. This conference has changed many peoples lives and I am excited to be teaching once again. To find who is teaching beside me and what all else is available - check out the website http://planthealer.org/intro.html#trailmap

I have 2 extra tickets and I'm selling them cheap - saving you hundreds of dollars off the sale price. Email me if you're interested - sashasideways@yahoo.com

I have some exciting classes coming up this November and December. For the Herbal Salons, it helps to save a spot and also If you want a follow-up email RSVP sashasideways@yahoo.com - as this is the last mailing I will be sending out this year. 

Blessings and may the darkness encourage rest and recuperation

 Class Calendar

November 8th - Mount Vernon Co-op - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Building relationship with Healing - Getting to know your local Herbs
This month we will be delving into the medicine of devils club, not only a supreme lung herb but also one that works with balancing functionality with the body from exhaustion to diabetes. A well-known herb of the Pacific Northwest Oplopanax has enjoyed a long relationship with the First Nations peoples as an ally in land and body stewardship - we will be discussing the physical and emotional benefits of this prickly being, as well as how best to harvest and prepare. - free to the public

Sunday November 25 - Tea with Your Dragon - 3:00pm - 5:00ish
Herbal Salon - All things Skin

Join me for a fun class of lotion making and emulsions and waters talking about emollients and astringents and fungi for the faces.
RSVP sashasideways@yahoo.com to save a spot, $10 suggested donation

Thursday, December 6th -Bellingham Co-op 6:30 pm -8:00 pm
Oplopanax - Exploring boundary's of the land and self

Enter into the heart of the forest story to spend some time with a mighty plant and an anchor of our land hereabouts. This is a traditional time to harvest and celebrate this magnificent medicinal plant commonly known as devils club and we will become enchanted with the healing wisdom that it has to share. As a member of the ginseng family, this plant is a tonic with many facets in how it can help us, especially with personal boundary's, helping us protect and guard ourselves against that which harms and paths that lead nowhere. Join me in a conversation around sustainable harvest, how to listen to the plant spirits, stewardship and connection to the land as well as medicine making and uses.
$10 fee, Rsvp Bellingham Co-op,  https://communityfood.coop/classes/healthy-connections-classes/

Thursday, Dec 13th - Mount Vernon Co-op - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Building relationship with Healing - Getting to know your local Herbs

This month we will be exploring the wonders of infused oils and lotion making - Join me as we create a perfect lotion from locally sourced herbal infused oils and whip them up into an affordable delight for home skin care. From masks, oils, lotions and scrubs we will be talking about the benefits of each, which herbs work with which method, and how to best tailor the results for your skin. This hands-on workshop will come with a $5 materials fee if you would like to take our lotion home with you. - free to the public

Sunday, December 23 - Tea with your Dragon 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm ish
Herbal Salon - herbal chocolates - treats for Christmas

Let's play around with herbal elixirs and tinctures and see how we can turn them into delicious truffles and chocolates, with sugar, with no sugar, lots of hands-on fun and a great way to sweeten up some of those bitter herbs as well as making last minute gifts for Christmas
RSVP sashasideways@yahoo.com to save a spot, $10 suggested donation