And we're back Herb Meditations....I am also moving deeply into the second year of Herb Meditations at the Cunning Crow Apothecary in North Seattle Dates have been set to once a month on a Friday from 7-9pm. You can read about it here.....

2018 - To be held in the spring next year -  Plant Medicine Wisdom, an affordable set of herb classes that cover the basics of Western Herbal Medicine allowing beginners and intermediate students get an in depth hands on understanding of how herbs work and how best to use them. If you are interested in my classes find out more here

Story telling with a herbal attitude

This fall I will be holding some more story telling events where we delve into old classics, feed the story's, work through the archetypes that resonatewith specific herbs and get to relearn what it's like to have a conversation about whats relevent in our lives. If you are interested in me holding a story for your event contact me at my email,

I had a wonderful time teaching at last years Pacific Women's Herbal Conference . I was nourished with amazing food, great company and some beautiful grandmother love. This year I will be teaching a 3 hour class on first aid and then discussing energetics and tissue states with a plant walk and covering Materia Medica. There are spaces still at this event and a call out for work exchange students so check out the website.

Pacific Women's Herbal Conference

The annual PWHC fall weekend in the woods is weaving a community of women connecting in an earth~centered,women~honoring tradition! As women we are shape~shifters, seed carriers, the mothers of an entire species...Join us now as shift~shapers in the dynamic dance of cultural emergence... 

When: Sept. 22-24, 2017

Where: Monroe, Washington


Public Lecture

I will be at the Everett Library On Sunday the 15th of October from 2pm, lecturing about plant medicine and earth connection. Any questions? Come and attend - open to the public.

I took a number of Natasha’s herb classes and really enjoyed them. Field trips were very helpful in identifying what we talked about in class. I especially enjoy Natasha as a person because she is very approachable, interesting and knowledgable.
Karen R

American Herbalist Guild (AHG) Case Histories Round Table

Monday 23rd Oct. 7-9pm at the Cunning Crow Apothecary

For all practicing/clinical/professional herbalists

Once a month we will be meeting to discuss case histories, use of herbs in case histories, different constitutional implications, pharmaceutical interactions, and other complications, breakthrough’s discoveries and general intricacies.

This month we will be discussing case histories based around inflammation. Feel free to bring your own case histories that you would like to share. We will start with one case history and branch out the conversation. This is a loose format to allow for general sharing of what worked for us as herbalists and why, so we do ask that you are a practicing herbalist (as well as a acupuncturist/body worker/naturopath etc) so that your experiences are based on your observations.

By having these round tables we can see if our n=1 cases are not so uncommon. By pooling our observations we hope to build on surfacing patterns and abnormalities. By talking about our empirical evidence we hope to honer our craft and negate herbal rumors and hearsay.

We would like to make this a monthly event. If you are excited to be part of this vital oral tradition of practicing herbalism please show up. We will be setting future dates and topics to anchor conversation.

The fee is donation only, suggested is $10 to cover cost of space

Herbal Salon

Excited to do this again, for now we will be having some excellent fun in the Herbal Salon at Tea with your Dragon, downtown Stanwood, WA.

Join us for some garbling, plant gossip and medicine tasting - $10 drop on by

Sunday Oct 29th 4:30-6:00pm

Sunday Nov 12th 4:30-6:00pm

If you are interested in any of the above please RSVP to Natasha Clarke, to reserve your spot so that she can better organize these events