Teasel - just one of the many local herbs i talk about

If you are interested in hearing episodes of the herb hunter you can find me twice weekly on KSER 90.7, one of the few Independent radio stations in the PNW. I come in about 4:45pm Monday and 8:30am Fridays.

The herb hunter came about three years ago when I was getting ready for the first harvest of the year, Black Cottonwood buds. Creeping through the misty marshes by the Skagit river in January. It was one of those fantastic sunny yet very cold crisp mornings and the mist rising of the river surrounded by alders and cottenwood gave rise to the feeling that I was wondrously and gloriously alone in the wild. I suddenly flashed onto a child hood hero - David Attenborough, where we would all sit glued to the tv as he whispered behind the rushes informing us on the habits of a rhino or such. I giggled because unlike Sir Attenborough I was stalking an intrepid tree and lucky I would be if I didn't get snagged. The two images slipped together and the thought of reporting from the field was born. I record on my phone, email the audio files to my computer, edit in Audacity and then email the shows to KSER. I've tried to quit a few times but have always been encouraged to carry on telling my tales from the wild, always enamored by the wonderful bounty of our local and accessible plant medicine, how to sustainably harness the fantastic healing that our local allies offer us and the healing benefits of how being part of the landscape is curative in itself. Not to mention all the plant tips and practical uses that get discussed.