Educational Herbal Charts and Plant Spirit Art

Quite often when I am sitting with a plant I will be given images that help me understand that plants medicine. Every so often I am able to get them down on paper. I often delve into different mediums and quite often the plant itself will "insist" on a certain medium. the following pieces range from watercolour, felt pens, Ink, colouring pencils and acrylic. 

A print of the art work and educational charts can be mailed to you for $25. All downloads cost $15. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and pay via the Paypal button below. CC accepted. Custom commissions always welcomed

Educational Charts

The charts below have come from teaching about herbal energetics and first aid. My students get these charts at the end of their class and appreciate being able to visually see what we just spent hours going over. Charts are 11x17" 

Herbal Energetics 

web herbal energetics chart.jpg

This chart is from my class on Herbal Energetics - it helps you see which herbs you can use depending on the energetics of the disease. It is divided up into the six tissue states, corresponding tastes, four directions and most common plant part used. A great go to guide and easy reference tool. 

First Aid Chart

This comes with a quick glance at common first aid issues and several choices of herbs that would be able to help. it consists of three sections - Injury to the Body, Pain Management, and Infection with sub categories and corresponding mostly local herbs. Use to have an easy go to guide for simple first aid at home, out in the field or traveling. 


First Aid Kits

The Car Kit contains 6 1/2oz tinctures in durable glass bottles - Yarrow, St Johns, Oregon Grape, Monotropa Uniflora, Poppy, Black Cohosh, 2oz of activated charcoal and Western Red Cedar Infused Oil. All tinctures are medicines I made myself using sustainably wildcrafted herbs and 190 proof organic alcohol. It also contains (empty) 1 plastic spay bottle and 1 plastic squirt bottle for wound cleansing, one large bakers (100% cotten) tea towel as the cloth of many uses (bandages, sling, wadding, padding, signaling, liquid filtering, sun hat etc....) 1 cohesive wrap bandage, scissors, tweezers, safety pin, water proof bandaids, flashlight and lighter, dixie cups and ziplock baggies - and room for your own needs. The container is a simple plastic two tray snap together with a handle and there is a 8x10 copy of the first aid guide - all for $65 plus postage.

The Mini is a functional compact zip up enforced case with 3 tinctures in durable 1/2oz glass bottles - Yarrow, st Johns, Oregon Grape, 2oz of activated charcoal and Western Red Cedar Infused Oil. It also contains one large bakers (100% cotton) tea towel as the cloth of many uses, 1 cohesive wrap bandage, scissors, tweezers, safety pin, waterproof bandaids, and ziplock baggies - and room for your own needs. All for $35 plus postage.

To order send me an email requesting which kit you would like and your address and I will send you the invoice with shipping costs -

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