Working with your body through the seasons

This plan was inspired by friends and clients who expressed a love for my medicine but didn't have a "specific" health need. I wondered about how to get nourishing herbs into my community. 

I remembered how wildcrafting is enchanting as I get to witness the seasonal story's of the land. The growth of spring, the fruition of summer, the renewal of autumn and the seeding of winter inspired me to create seasonal health with herbs - A great gift for you or a loved on. Here's a way to delve deeper into maintaining your health with local herbs and a traditional holistic healing approach. Optimize energy and focus while setting realistic health goals through out the year.

    herb love

    $200 per year

    "I am so glad I found Natasha Clarke! She knew just what herbs I needed, was so intuitive and in tune with the plant spirits, and easy to talk to at our appointment--I felt like I was really seen. Her beautiful plant medicines are lovely & potent, the plant really sings through, often wildcrafted! They really addressed the places that needed healing in me. I felt better right away. A wonderful healer! Thank you " from client Christine J

    The Seasonal Health Care Plan gives you -

    Four times a year we would check for an in depth consultation in person or facetime to create a spring, summer, autumn and winter protocol for your health needs. Each seasonal consultations includes up to 4 products of my small batch, locally wildcrafted tinctures, elixer's, salves and teas. 


    • 1-2 hour initial consult via facetime or in person
    • 4 consults a year around the change of every season - begin at any season during the year.
    • comprehensive herbal protocols for your health goals throughout the year
    • small batch locally wildcrafted herbal tinctures and teas made and blended specifically for you
    • Discounts for local classes and a 10% discounts on products 

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