Plant Medicine Wisdom

Plant Medicine Wisdom is a series of six comprehensively set herb classes that will teach a thorough understanding of the traditional uses of herbs for healing. It will allow you to build up your herbal vocabulary and will introduce you to herbal actions, the bases of traditional western herbalism. 

This series will teach identification, wild crafting, medicine making and accurate application of herbal tonics, elixirs and tinctures allowing you as a budding herbalist to effectively treat your health needs. Most importantly it will teach you the principles of understanding how herbs can heal.

Each class is from 3-5:30 pm every Sunday, Fall 2017

Class outline - Herb Spirals
One of the best ways to understand the principles of herbs is to start growing them. For those who have terraces and containers to acres of land, the Herb spiral can fit into our lives. This first class will begin with an introduction to our plant allies, from culinary herbs to more exotic herbs, as we learn how to group herbs so that we can start to see what makes certain plants and their shared similarities good for certain ailments This class will empower you to understand which herbal choices you can use for different issues.

Find out what plants grow in your backyard and their uses. Understand the caveats of wildcrafting from identification to stewardship and join us on a jaunt through Iverson Beach. Most of our best first aid herbs are within ten feet of our doorways! This class will give you the confidence to be able to use the plants from the wild for dealing with a long list of ailments. 

Medicine Making Part 1
Using Herbs and how to prepare them  is an integral part of herbal medicine. Medicine making is an understanding of how best to extract the active constituents as well as a way to preserve the plant so that it can be available all year round. In this class you will be able to go home and make your own infusions as well as oxymels, herbal honeys and syrups.

Principles of Herbal Medicine
Do terms like astringents and demulcents confuse? Do you know why they are so important? Want to know what to do when you have one herb but not the other? We will be discussing the basic principles of herbal medicine that has been in practice in the west for hundreds of years. This class will empower you to understand what makes certain groups of herbs have particular results on certain types of illness and how to apply this understanding so that you have the confidence to use what herbs you have on hand.

Medicine Making Part 2
Continuing on with understanding which herbs work best in certain preparations. This class will enable you to go home and feel confident experimenting with your own tinctures, oils and salves.

Your Herb Chart
Understanding how certain herbs work in certain ways will get you halfway through the journey of  your personnel well being. Understanding what particular constitution you are is the other piece of the puzzle. We will study constitutions and how different aspects of your personality ebb and flow and effect your healing path. This class will leave you with a comprehensive medicine wheel chart suited specifically to your well being as well as an understanding of how the four elements help with aligning herbs.

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Classes held for six weeks this Fall, dates to be announced.

Every Sunday from 3pm - 5:30pm

The old granary building , Downtown Stanwood, WA

Drop in for individual 2 1/2 hour class $40

Sign up for all six classes $250- preregistration and deposit required, 12 places only.

Natasha is a wonderful lady! Super easy to talk to, fun and super informative. I took a few of her herbal classes and loved them all! Looking forward to more!
Kaity D.
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