Why use a Herbalist?


Some clients come because they know that something is wrong but they have been told that there is nothing wrong. Or they want to be able to look after themselves using herbs through seasonal flu’s, colds and allergies. Some clients have tried lots of super supplements, been disappointed with the results and the wealth of contradictory information online and just want to be educated about what would be right for their body and their problems. Mostly we are looking to reconnect and understand how we can benefit from the earth, her medicine and her stories.

I work with mostly local herbs, using herbal medicine that has been made by myself or other medicine makers i know personally. I take time and care to come up with a herbal protocol that addresses your needs in a slow, outcome oriented protocol. I am available to answer questions, queries and any concerns while you are moving through your protocol. To schedule a consultation call, txt or email:

call/txt 360 631 1996

email: sashasideways@yahoo.com

During the consultation, either online or in person I will be asking a lot of questions to establish your health goals, main concerns and your lifestyle so that the herbal protocol that we come up with is something that works for you now. This is a collaboration and I will take as much time as needed to establish solutions that work for you and your lifestyle so that you can experience the benefits.

An initial consultation is sliding scale $55-$75, takes between 1-2 hours and you receive a detailed herbal protocol with clear recommendations in a follow up email. If your issue requires more than one appointment we can arrange a schedule and payment plan accommodating to your circumstance. 

If you want to find out more about other services I offer, check out the herbalist on call - a comprehensive yearly plan for herbal first aid and homecare.