Year Round Herbal Health

If you find that you would like your health needs to be served naturally by herbs, that you would like to start learning and implementing herbal health care and you know I'm available to answer txts/emails questions and make appointments around your time frame then this plan will suit you.

Traditionally we would call upon the grandmother or aunt for our health needs, a practice that has been lost with our evolution of family and community structure. Pioneering in this new age can be challenging so I ask you to support your local "grandmother" by subscribing to a years worth of individualized herbal care by an experienced herbalist and in turn I will be on hand as well as knowing who you are This will enable us to support each other

What does A Herbal Home Care Subscription gives you?

  • Initial consult lasting 2 hours to cover past concerns and health history as well as personal goals for health and well being - best in person
  • On call herbal advice and consultations. You can use skype, email, phone, house visits or come in to the office - whichever best suits your needs at the time.
  • Clear, easy to use herbal protocols emailed to you that quickly address health issues with regular check ins to insure effectiveness.
  • 15% discount on all my herbal products - normally a 1 oz tincture would cost $15 - you only pay $10.
  • Nutritional overview and sourcing, including supplement sourcing and know how.
  • Recommendations and herbal follow up care for needs that require medical intervention.
  • Hands on education - facilitating medicine making and understanding you personal herbal needs so that you can create your own home apothecary and know how to use it.

How Clients use their Herbalist on Call

For example - one client likes to make an check up once a month and likes the fact that they can email me questions, call me to re order herbs and supplements and not feel like they are "bugging" me or that they will get billed for "extra time."

Another family likes to just get a hold of me when they need me, kids have a cold, sudden back pain and not able to go to work - they know that I will be available, that they are a priority and since I have already done the intake and history I can quickly recommend the most suitable herbs for them.

Another client likes to meet and discuss certain concerns and we will go and wild craft the herbs they most use so that they are building up their own herbal home apothecary and being mentored in how best to take care of themselves with herbs.

This plan is very flexible in that it is built around your needs. The main benefits that my clients have reported while using this plan are -

  • Having care provided by a practitioner who knows their physical history and needs
  • Knowing that I use mostly locally wild crafted herbs
  • Being able to easily asks questions on the fly without being a "nuisance" and knowing that since they are supporting me with a yearly plan that they are my priority.
  • Being able to learn about herbal solutions for health so that eventually they can feel confident using and treating themselves with herbs for their needs.

$450 per year

You and your family receive 12 hours of direct consulting with about 5 hours for emails/calls. I keep a general track of how much time is spent and will always let you know where we are in the plan. At the end of the year we can roll unused hours over to the next or you can resubscribe.

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