Using the medicine of the Earth

Some clients come because they know that something is wrong but they have been told that there is nothing wrong. Or they want to get off prescriptions and they would to prefer use herbs instead. Some clients have tried lots of super "one herb saves all" type supplements, been disappointed with the results and wealth of contradictory information and just want to be educated about what would be right for their body and their problems. Mostly we are looking to reconnect and understand how we can benefit from the earth, her medicine and her stories.

During the consultation, either on-line or in person I will be asking a lot of questions to establish your health goals, your emotional well being and your lifestyle so that the herbal protocol that we come up with is some thing that works for you now. This is a collaboration and I will take as much time as needed to establish solutions that work for you and your lifestyle so that you can feel the benefits.


Call or email me to set up an appointment online or in person. An initial consultation is sliding scale $45-$75, takes between 1-2 hours and you receive a herbal protocol with recommendations in a follow up email. If your issue requires more than one appointment we arrange a schedule and payment plan accommodating to your circumstance.

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I use traditional western herbalism to help people heal all kinds of issues from chronic digestive disorders and auto immune issues as well as constant pain and fatigue. I enjoy helping symptoms while understanding and addressing the core imbalance - all the time using locally wildcrafted herbs and some supplements when called for. I do a thorough intake to understand what will work within your lifestyle and to help encourage lifestyle changes if desired that will facilitate better well being.