Classes For April and May

I've been enjoying the supernatural spring but as I was passing a wilting coltsfoot in the forest I am also incredibly grateful for the rain that will define April. This month so far I have been having fun, as well as more vitality, lustrous and thicker hair, by juicing fresh nettles, and when I can chickweed and dandelion leaves.

Dried nettles, fried nettles, nettle pesto and cake are all awesome ways to celebrate the medicine of this plant. But if you are looking to nourish and really build up your immune system for the rest of the year you'll want to join me in capturing the formic acid and the way it interacts with the bodies mast cells by drinking nettle in its rawest form. My preferred way is to blend 4-8 nettle tops in a really good blender for the best texture. Or you can juice as well. I simply add the nettles and 8oz of water and let blend for 2-3 minutes so that the stingers are thoroughly destroyed and the result is a smooth and rich texture. If you want to make this drink above and beyond I suggest adding apple juice instead of water and a little zing of ginger of cayenne or lime or all three. As the nettles start preparing for seed in a month or two our window for this vitality will close so the time is now!!!

Classes this month 

I will be talking about the wonderful medicine of violets at the Mount Vernon co-op this Thursday 11th from 6:30 - 7:30pm, join us for this free class.

Meanwhile, we have other happenings taking shape. Due to scheduling conflicts, I have been focusing on the Gather and Process Group rather than the Herbal Salon, a collective with the aim to meet up to Gather and Process herbs and food and build community on actual connection. Social media is so wonderful at facilitating connection especially when we can use these tools to deepen our relationship in person with each other. And what better way than through earth centric activities. The next meet up will be a Plant Swop! come join us to find more about this group and how we connect.

Plant Swop at Judith Lights house! 
When: Saturday, April 20th 10:00 am - Noon
Where: email me for address -
What: Bring yourself, herbs, seeds and plants to exchange. So far we have comfrey, golden willow starts, oregano, lemon balm, artemesia and mugwort, horehound and chives in the mix.

Along the same thread Micheal Altman, one of our awesome longtime local practitioners is offering this:

Herbal Community “Greet-Up” Meet your local Seattle and regional herbalists.

What: Class demo, Product sales and barter fair, and social hour
When: Monday, April 29th, 4:30-8:30 (welcome to come and/or go at any time)
Where:  Studio Flora1631 15th Ave W, Suite 115, Seattle WA 98119
Schedule of the event:
4:30-5:30 set up and meet and greet time
5:30-6, kitchen demo, wild food snacks, suppository and tincture “acetract” making
6-6:30 pm brief personal group intros
6:30-7, brief intro class on working with an herbalist and the Herbal Practitioner Buyers Club, joining as buyer/vendor, client/patient, sponsorships
7-8:30 Greet Up!  Product sales, display, barter, display school and biz info – our social “hour”

This is a free event open to the public, but RSVP is encouraged, RSVP required for table/vending from herbal practitioners or plant loving folks only.

Also, we are getting geared up for the Green Gathering this year which is falling on the Summer Solstice!!! Tickets are finally up for sale, we have improved camping options allowing for you to park next to your campsite, fantastic classes have been lined up and the price is still $125 for three days of fantastic classes and camping or $95 for 3 days without camping. Join us to celebrate our love of the earth, celebrating the solstice with an otherworldly masquerade ball, ceremony and fire dancing, incredible market place, Sunday herbal panel and the beautiful old growth forest and Salish sea of Camano Island

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A reminder that I am teaching next month at this fantastic conference, full of herbal wisdom, great classes, products and celebrating our shared love of earth medicine and knowledge. I have one ticket going at a huge discount so email me if you're interested in coming along.

Good medicine Ticket - email

Enjoy the showers and the emergence of the green -


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