Herbs for Healing - Experience a consultation where I listen to your needs, your history and we discuss what works for your lifestyle and budget using locally wildcrafted herbs


I have been a Practicing Herbalist for the past 8 years. This involves connecting with clients where I help you find out what herbs and supplements will work to address your issues. Issues ranging from illness and physical discomfort  to deep seated emotional trauma. Appointments last about an hour and cost $45-$75 sliding scale. Find out more about my training and what to expect when you schedule an appointment.......

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If you are interested in my Herbal Happenings I have some great resources as well as teaching locally and several Herbal Conferences. Find out more....

I use this list to let you know of classes and events coming up. I try not to email more than twice a month and I don't use this list to sell products. 

Plant Medicine Wisdom, Herbal Salons, Herb Meditations, Herbal Conferences - What Classes I Teach and Where

I love teaching and have been teaching locally and in the pacific northwest area now for the last five years. I hold occasional classes and I also do an intensive through the fall. This year I'm very honered to be teaching at some great conferences with some amazing Herbalists ;) Find out more about what I'm up to.......

Herbalist On Call - Need to find natural solutions for you and your family throughout the year? I'm just a call away


There are many things Herbs can deal with effectively, form common colds and flu's as well as more long term chronic issues. Join my community of clients who appreciated having easy access to herbal solutions as well as monthly or as needed house calls. Find out more about my herbal programs...

Radio Ramblings, Mystical Musings and Plant Medicine Wisdom - How I reach deeper into myself with forest forces

I live to talk about herbs, sit and listen to the plants, help use their wisdom to heal and create small batch herbal medicine, all inspired by my connection with the forest and wisdom of these quiet sentinal beings. A large part of my work is to bring the medicine of the earth to the people. Support me in this endeavor, receive my shows, art and small batch herbal products as you take a glimpse into this world. Find out more about My Patreon