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I am a practising herbalist and am happy to work with you and facilitate the right herbal protocol for your health goals. Details, method and pricing is outlined in Herbal Consultations

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What Classes I Teach and Where

I love teaching about herbs and opening the window where you can start to see the green folk wave. I have been teaching locally and in the Pacific Northwest area now for the last five years. I hold monthly classes and I also do an intensive through the Spring. Each month I hold a Plant Meditation in Seattle and hold a Herbal Salon in Stanwood. Coming up I will be teaching my herbal foundations course, held once a week over six weeks as well as teaching at some Herbal Conferences over the summer. The best way to be informed about what I do is to sign up to my once monthly news letter where I post classes, descriptions and dates. For a more in depth look at the classes I will be teaching this year, with dates and cost follow this link

Wild Land Dreaming

As a lost indigenous soul, I have always brought my rootless self into the realm of tree medicine, naturally drawn to these beings that have been our companions, guides and holders of wisdom. 

Hailing from the Celtic region that gave birth to the Druids, the British Isles and Ireland, I have  been aware of the relationship that was long ago celebrated by them. Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine what is was like to really live with the trees, to know them so intimately that they became a symbolic way of communicating earth lore. And, indeed, we have little knowledge passed down from that era. You have to dig deep like the trees themselves and it is far from the Hollywood ideal we may imagine, for the trees were the holders of secrets when the availability of knowledge was power, and the groves stank of rank, ritual and wildness. “The axe-men came on an ancient and sacred grove. Its interlacing branches enclosed a cool central space into which the sun never shone, but where an abundance of water spout from dark springs…the barbaric gods worshipped here had their altars heaped with hideous offerings, and every tree was sprinkled with human blood…Nobody dared ever enter this groove except the priest; and even he kept out at midday, and between dawn and dusk - for fear that the gods might be abroad at such hours.”  (lucan, pharsallia, trans. Robert Graves).

Our knowledge now comes from our relationship with them and they are a reminder that a person was conjoined, food, shelter, clothing and, indeed, even the air exchanged. And depending on what tribe we belonged to, what particular bio niche we lived in, would determine our use and reverence for these teachers. And so I have found with my relationship to the trees around me, that they become pillars in my community, elders on my way that I can call upon to help me with their strength and wisdom. Grandmother, Grandfather, they are the keepers of the four corners. In my work with trees I often have four who are prominent for me, stabilizing my center.

It is hard to work with trees. We hardly use them anymore in a way that includes us both in the relationship. To truly understand them, we have to use them, there are few toolmakers, shelter builders, bark weavers, root peelers, nut grinders. All these folk would work within and without to preserve the strength of the grove and forest. To do this requires so much more time than we seem to have now. How ironic that in this world of lengthening shadows we don’t have the time to know the trees. Indeed, they stand defiant almost, a reminder that they now are the ones who hold the knowledge of what’s past so better to understand what’s to come. 

We encounter the trees on our path of green knowing, for they hold the long thoughts. After about 5 years of tree work I am finally finding my center, the tree that holds my spirit so that I can call on it, and then my four corners, trees who hold the traits of wisdom that I would get traditionally from the elders of my tribe. I use the trees medicinally and for protection and strength, being able to summon them when in times of struggle, physically or otherwise. This knowing grows slowly, like the trees, and is indeed the strength that I can share with my community. 

Each month I will be writing of my journey round the wheel, the tree that is guiding me and the plants I collect. To see more of my monthly musings or sign up read my blog at Wild Land Dreaming

Who I am and How I got Here

I was born in England and true to my adventurous childhood spent in Africa, Switzerland and Paris, I continued getting my life degree by hitchhiking around Europe installing interactive art sculptures before finally settling in the United States to raise a family.

It was through the study and implementation of permaculture based food gardens that I became entranced with medicinal herbs. Reminiscent of walking through the hawthorn and elder hedgerows of England as a child - where I would taste the weeds to see if they were "good" or "bad" - the plants called me deep into the world of herbalism. While doling out herbal brews and tinctures to family and friends I decided to take my passion seriously and started going to extensive herbal conferences, attending classes and fortunately studying for a year with the formidable herbalist Matthew Wood at the School of Traditional Western Herbalism. While I was letting this all sink in i deepened my connection with the green intelligence culminating my education in a year long forest medicine intensive with Scott Kloos and the School of Forest Medicine. 

coming back from a messy harvest

It became clear that this love for medicinal herbs and holistic healing had become a calling so I started to practice professionally and lead plant walks on Camano. Boosted by the positive feedback of my community I joined forces with the local herb shop "Tea with your Dragon" where I now teach herbal classes, see clients as well as being available for "walk in's" every Sunday afternoon.

I am active in the American Herbalist Guild, founder of The Green Gathering, a Washington based annual herb festival, as well as educating young and old with plant walks, wildcrafting skills and medicine making classes here in Stanwood and at various herbal conferences in the Pacific Northwest. You might have heard me over the airwaves as the creator of The Herb Hunter, a weekly broadcasted radio show for KSER about my wildcrafting adventures, now approaching its third year!. Ultimately my goal is to bring the people to the plants, the plants to the people, in so deepening and healing our reconnection to our mother earth.